Statutory Holidays. Love them or Hate them?

Long weekends mean more time at the cottage, on the ski hill or reading a book, but no matter how you choose to spend your time, there is no doubt that everyone enjoys statutory holidays.

If you are a human resources or payroll person, your view of statutory holidays can be summed up as a love/hate relationship.  You love being away from work, but hate fielding the same questions for each and every statutory holiday that fall within the year.  Most of us will no doubt be able to rhyme off information easily enough, however there are times when you either need reminding yourself or just don’t know the individual provincial/territorial rules, and whichever the scenario, you will need to investigate and spend time researching and reading legislation.

I’ve often thought to myself that there was a better way than going into each provincial employment standards site, but never really had the time to develop the idea any further, until now.  Over the past few months Canadian statutory holiday material has come across my desk and although the information is there, the relevant information is hidden between, in my opinion only, a great deal of extraneous information.  After trying to decipher many “cheat sheets” I decided to create my own quick reference guide, formatted to my liking and with information I chose as necessary, and what started out as a simple concept, and admittedly a cavalier attitude, ended with many hours logged researching, creating and editing.  Initially this quick reference page was created for just myself however, since blog writing has become an added task to my work-life I thought I would combine the two, and kill two birds with one stone.

My final version is available for download.  I invite all comments on how useful (or not useful) you find it, and encourage everyone to send over their ideas of how to make this a better tool.  I am committed to considering all comments and feedback and will go a step further and undertake to incorporate as many ideas as I am able, and once completed to re-post with the changes.

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